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Safety and Health

PTNHM values the safety, health and wellbeing of all people, including the communities in which the company operates.

PTNHM has a philosophy of 'Target Zero' for safety and health incidents within its operations, activities, and wherever the company engages with local communities.

PTNHM has a Safety and Health Management System which covers all aspects of its mining operations and support functions and applies to all employees and contractors. PTNHM also encourages best practice safety and health behavior outside of work by its people.A range of initiatives including capacity building, campaigns and other activities are undertaken to ensure people understand and put into practice the company's safety and health policy.

PTNHM's Safety and Health Management System meets the Government of Indonesia Regulation Minister of Mining and Energy's Decree number 555.K/26/M.PE/1995 on Occupational Safety and Health in General Mining. The Decree regulates the company's obligation to ensure proper safety and health practices are in place and implemented.

FACT SHEET - PTNHM Safety and Health


PTNHM recognises that environmental management is an important component of its business and has systems in place to mitigate the impacts of its activities on the environment. 

Environmental aspects relevant to operations at Gosowong include energy, water, waste, emissions, materials and biodversity management.

PTNHM's commitment to strong environmental performance includes both monitoring and managing its environmental impacts to ensure a sustainable future for communities surrounding the site, even after mining finishes.


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