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Sharing the benefits of mining

Since the Gosowong operation commenced in 1999, PTNHM has maintained a strong commitment to the local community. Today, PTNHM invests extensively in community initiatives that share the benefits of mining, support community needs and strengthen socio-economic development in the region.

PTNHM's approach is supported by extensive stakeholder engagement, particularly with local communities and local government. The objective is to develop an open and constructive approach to community engagement and investment. PTNHM knows that its economic and social contribution supports the company's licence to operate and helps communities receive lasting benefits from the mines operations.

PTNHM's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is helping to develop a sustainable economy and enhance the quality life of the local community in cooperation with all stakeholders (local government and local people).

FACT SHEET - PTNHM Corporate Social Responsibility

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